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Replace a Lost Deed Poll

If you did not obtain your deed poll from us, we will have no record of your name change as there is no official register to source your name change details from.

Therefore to obtain a replacement for your lost deed poll you must apply online for a new deed poll to replace your original.

When applying online for a replacement deed poll you are replacing your lost deed poll so when asked for your current name you will need to enter your previous name even if you have not used this name for a long time.

Order Online - £18.99

Replace a Lost Deed Poll for £18.99

What this service provides you with

You will receive a copy of your previous name change through us drafting you a replacement deed poll that can be used to update your official documents and records.

Just like your previous deed poll, the deed poll that we draft for you will be legal proof of your name change and it will include a rough date of when your name change took place.

  • Your official replacement deed poll
  • Any ordered certified copies (We recommend 6-10)
  • Free 1st class Royal Mail delivery
  • A personalised cover letter to use
  • Instructions on how to sign your deed poll
  • Instructions on how to use your new deed poll
  • An acceptance & money back guarantee

Your order will be prepared on high quality paper and will be delivered in a plain/unmarked envelope for confidentiality.

If you ordered your change of name with us

How easy it is to receive a replacement for your lost deed poll will depend on how you went about obtaining your name change. We outline the different ways in which you can obtain a replacement from us depending on how you applied.

If you changed your name by applying for a deed poll with us, we may already have your details stored in our archive if you ordered between January 2016 - April 2017.

If you ordered with us between those times and you require an official replacement for a lost or misplaced deed poll, please email us for more details - [email protected]

Those that ordered with us and purchased the Secure Vault access are able to apply online and make a quick and simple application for a replacement to be sent.

Get your Deed Poll Online for £18.99