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Child Deed Poll Service - £12.99

You can legally and officially change your child's name by following a 3-step deed poll process.

The process is very simple but does require the consent from every person that holds parental responsibility for the child.

Changing your child's name is a quick and easy process and starts with you providing us with all the necessary details we need on our online application form (3-5 minutes of your time).

If you are ready to change your child’s name and everyone that holds parental responsibility for the child agrees to the name change, you may proceed and order online today from just £12.99

Order Online - From £12.99

Get your Deed Poll Online for £12.99

Who has parental responsibility?

To make a deed poll change of name for your child, everyone with parental responsibility must agree to the name change, but what exactly is parental responsibility and who has it?

In the UK the mother of the child automatically has full parental responsibility of the child, but whether or not the father has full parental responsibility is a more complicated matter.

Parental responsibility can be a complicated matter depending on your circumstances, so it’s best to read our detailed advice on parental responsibility to ensure you are eligible to legally change your child’s name.

What will you receive?

Once you have ordered your child's deed poll and legal copies, you will need to follow our guidance to make sure you sign and have them witnessed correctly.

Along with the Child Deed Poll and legal copies will be;

  • Guidance on correctly witnessing your child’s deed poll.
  • Personalised cover letter (persons with PR need this).
  • Detailed list of companies and organisations that need notifying.
  • Our supporting guidance pack provides you with all the knowledge you’ll need to quickly and easily change your child’s name - without any hiccups.

Your order will be sent to you within 1-2 working days via 1st class Royal Mail delivery, which is included in the price unlike most other online providers.

Order Here - From £12.99

Get your Deed Poll Online for £12.99