What To Do Next With Your Deed Poll

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To legally change your name you should start by contacting all of the people whom you have records or documents with and inform them of your name change, for example; HM Passport Office and the DVLA.

You must notify everyone of your name change by sending them your deed poll or certified copy with a covering letter explaining your desired wishes (to update their records into your new name).

This also needs to be done at your earliest convenience as to make your name change legal, everyone must be notified first.

Additional Information about Changing your Name

Do I have to contact everyone about my name change?

Yes, this is a legal necessity when using a deed poll to change your name: you can’t simply “forget” to tell your credit card company and hope that they’ll never find you, because they probably will and you’ll be guilty of fraud.

If you want to have your photographic ID updated into your new name, the first two organisations to tell about your name change are HM Passport Office and the DVLA.

It is important to notify both of these organisations early on in the process of changing your name as it should streamline the rest of the name change process for you.

The top two you’ll want to contact are right at the top of the list, because doing these early on will give you photographic ID in your new name, which you can use to prove your identity (and which may streamline the process of changing your name with the others):

  • Passport Office
    They’ll want an original Deed Poll (not a photocopy). Make several “originals” so you can get started with this earlier. You’ll need to pay for a renewal of your passport, and it’ll take time to issue a new one, but this will give you photographic ID with your new name, which can be used to accelerate the process of changing your name elsewhere.
  • DVLA
    Getting your driver’s’ license changed gives you another form of photographic ID with your new name. Pick up a form D1 and fill it in, and send another “original” to them. Don’t forget to have them update your Vehicle Registration Document, if you own a car, too.

    • Your employer, school, college, or university.
    • Banks, building societies, credit cards, and mortgage providers.
    • Insurance companies.
    • Finance and loan companies.
    • Utility companies (gas, water, sewerage, electricity, telephone, mobile telephone, Internet, etc.).
    • Inland Revenue (ensure that they update your National Insurance records, too).
    • Doctor & dentist. They will update your NHS record on your behalf.
    • Professional bodies, memberships, clubs and societies.
    • TV Licensing.
    • HM Land Registry (if you own land or property).
    • Local authority (for council tax payment, electoral roll, etc.).
    • Investment companies, premium bonds, pension funds, etc.

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