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What exactly are legal copies?

The only way to quickly and easily change your name is to order several copies of your original deed poll.

A certified copy of your deed poll is a genuine copy of your original, but it has been signed by us to show that it is not a photocopy and is therefore accepted as legal proof of your name change.

You will need to inform everyone about your name change including HM Passport Office and the DVLA so sending out multiple copies of your deed poll at once is the quickest and easiest way to have your records updated.

Additional Information about Certified Copies

You could delay changing your name and having all official records updated with your new name by several weeks to months by not ordering certified legal copies.

As you need to notify all records holders of your name change, it is advisable to order at least 4 certified copies of your original to speed up the process and also to make sure that if you lose your original you don’t have to order another original copy for more money.

Trying to update any government records, your driving license or financial institutions with a photocopy will only result in it not being accepted.

We advise everyone to obtain at least 4 copies of your original, as we are not able to provide you with any certified copies once you have applied online.

A certified copy will be a satisfactory document evidence for most companies and organisations, which speeds up the process of changing your name and updating all records of your name change.

Using legal copies vs photocopies

The main and most important difference between certified copies and photocopies is that photocopies are not recognised or accepted by most organisations as legal proof of your name change.

All legal copies that we draft for you will be a true and genuine copy of your original and will also be signed by us to show that it is not a photocopy.

Legal copies are just £2 each and will drastically speed up the time it takes to change your name, which will typically take between two to eight weeks if you order at least 6 certified copies.

How to use your legal copies

To use your certified copies correctly you will simply need to send record holders your signed document, which asks them to update their records accordingly.

Before you send out your certified copies to update your records and documents, you will need to sign the document in the exact same way as you sign your original deed poll.

Ordering copies of your deed poll will allow you to update several official records and documents at once without having to wait for your deed poll to be returned.

How many do you need to order?

We recommend ordering at least 6 – 10 copies if you are looking to change your name within eight weeks.

As you need to inform everyone whom you have records with, it saves an enormous amount of time being able to inform several of those at once.

Ordering certified copies of your deed poll will also ensure that if you lose or misplace your original deed poll you will have further legal proof by the means of a certified copy.

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Receive your Professionally Hand Drafted Deed Poll & Everything else you need to change your name by First Class Post.
The best and most common way to change your name in the UK is by Deed Poll. What a lot of people do not realise is that they can change their name themselves. The issue with drafting your own Deed Poll is that it needs to be in the correct format to be accepted. Also Organisations such as Banks and Building Society’s may not accept them unless they are professionally drafted.

With our Deed Poll Drafting Services you will receive a professionally hand drafted Deed Poll via First Class Post, along with your Certified Copies, a personalised cover letter and straightforward guide that includes how to witness your Deed Poll, a list of Frequently asked questions and a list of Organisation’s that you will need to notify.

Adult Deed Poll Service

Legally change your name by deed poll from just £12.99 and have your deed poll dispatched within 24 hours of ordering.

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Child Deed Poll Service

The only way to legally change your child's name in the UK, whether you are a resident or citizen in the United Kingdom is by obtaining a deed poll.

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Replacement Deed Poll Service

If you did not obtain your deed poll from us, we will have no record of your name change as there is no official register to source your name change details from.

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