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When changing your legal name in the UK it is completely optional as to whether you enrol your deed poll or not.

There is no law enforcing you to enrol your deed poll and in reality it’s not a practical option to take, which is why enrolling a deed poll is so unpopular (less than 1% of deed polls annually are enrolled).

There is no central register of name changes in the United Kingdom and unless you seek a public record of your name change and your details being published in the London Gazette, then there is no benefit to enrolling your deed poll.

All U.K. government organisations, such as HM Passport Office and the DVLA will accept an unenrolled deed poll (of the sort we prepare for you) removing the need to enrol a deed poll.

A deed poll is just as effective or ineffective whether it is enrolled or not; the only reason of enrolment is that it will provide unquestionable proof, if proof is required of your name change.

Enrolling or Registering your Deed Poll

How much does enrolling a deed poll cost?

By enrolling your deed poll at the Royal Courts of Justice you will be putting your new name on public record and should send your forms and documents to the Queen’s Bench Division at the following address;

Queen’s Bench Division
Enforcement Section
Room E15
The Royal Courts of Justice

The cost of enrolling your deed poll is £36 and is broken down as follows;

  • Court Enrollment Fee = £10
  • Advertisement Charge = £24 (including vat)
  • Copy of London Gazette = £2

You’ve got two ways of making payment if you wish to enroll your deed poll.
The first option is via Cheque, Postal Order or Banker’s Draft where the payment should be made payable to ‘HMCTS’.

Secondly, you can pay via cash or credit/debit card, but only if you go to the Court in person.

There are further costs involved with enrolling a deed poll than the £36 court fee, as you’ll need to have a solicitor or notary public witness some of your documents.

You should also bear in mind that the deed polls we provide you with are not suitable for enrollment, which is the case for all online providers of change of name deed documents.

Therefore you would need to factor in the cost of having a solicitor prepare your deed poll for you, which could cost £75+VAT.

Why are enrolled deed polls so unpopular? 

Enrolling a deed poll is a very unpopular amongst those that change their name by deed poll for the following reasons;

  • Expensive – It can cost as much as £200+ to enroll a deed poll.
  • Complex – Many people find the process of enrolling too difficult to follow.
  • Slow – It typically takes at least 4 weeks before you receive your deed poll.
  • Non-Effective – There is no difference in the legal effect of an enrolled deed poll and a deed poll provided by us.

To enrol your deed poll you must also know a British or Commonwealth citizen that owns a property in the UK that is willing to attend a solicitors office with you to declare that they’ve known you for 10 years.

Enrolling a deed poll is that unpopular less than 1% of people that use a deed poll to change their name actually spend their time and money following the process of enrolment.

Do we recommend enrolling a deed poll?

At Simply Deedpolls, we do not encourage our clients to enrol their deed poll for these simple reasons;

  • It’s a needless activity that publishes their personal names and address details to the public.
  • There is no difference in the legality of the deed polls we provide to an enrolled deed poll.

Therefore we advise clients to apply online for a deed poll and follow our detailed instructions to correctly executed their documents, so that they can proceed to obtain updated official documentation in their new name, such as a passport and driving license.

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Receive your Professionally Hand Drafted Deed Poll & Everything else you need to change your name by First Class Post.
The best and most common way to change your name in the UK is by Deed Poll. What a lot of people do not realise is that they can change their name themselves. The issue with drafting your own Deed Poll is that it needs to be in the correct format to be accepted. Also Organisations such as Banks and Building Society’s may not accept them unless they are professionally drafted.

With our Deed Poll Drafting Services you will receive a professionally hand drafted Deed Poll via First Class Post, along with your Certified Copies, a personalised cover letter and straightforward guide that includes how to witness your Deed Poll, a list of Frequently asked questions and a list of Organisation’s that you will need to notify.

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The only way to legally change your child's name in the UK, whether you are a resident or citizen in the United Kingdom is by obtaining a deed poll.

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If you did not obtain your deed poll from us, we will have no record of your name change as there is no official register to source your name change details from.

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