Different Uses of a Deed Poll

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Different Uses of a Deed Poll

What can a Deed Poll be used for?

A deed poll or “deed of change of name” is used to prove a change of name has taken place and therefore enables people to change their legal name in the UK.

There are many situations where obtaining a deed poll can be worthwhile, which will we cover in detail in this post for you.

The first scenario where obtaining a deed poll can be worthwhile is the story of student Adam Armstrong.

Adam avoided paying over £220 in what he calls “ridiculous charges” for an error on an online airline booking.

The online flight booking was made by Adam’s girlfriend’s step dad who mistakenly used his Facebook name “Adam West” when making the booking.

Mr Armstrong, now (Mr West), obtained a deed poll and changed his name to avoid paying the £220 fee charged from Ryanair to make an amendment on his booking.

Adam did have to pay just over £100 to change the details on his passport, which can be done a lot cheaper if the urgency to receive a new passport is less severe.

Anyway, he managed to save over £120 by obtaining a deed poll and changing his name, instead of just paying the amendment fee that was quoted.

So, if you ever encounter this situation, know that a deed poll can be used to save money and a lot of hassle.

What else can a Deed Poll be used for?

There are many more uses for a deed poll that just saving money, so we’ve chosen a select few more to cover, which you can read below.

Using a deed poll for a bet

We’ve had many clients over the years order a deed poll online for a bet.

The cases we’ve seen before are mainly men, and when speaking to the client over the phone, they explain that they were having a joke with friends late at night and for a bet they have to change their name to something different, which is usually very different indeed.

Whether or not they follow the deed poll process fully and have their official records, such as their passport and driving license updated is another story.

So now you know that a deed poll can be used to save money and can be used for a bet/dare.

Using a Deed Poll as a gift/present

People ordering a deed poll for a gift or present for someone is more common than those doing it for a bet.

Typically it will be family member that applies on behalf of the recipient and will be because their friend or family member has been wanting to change names for a long time.

If a mother has been divorced from the father of their children for several years and has still kept her married name, a new partner or a child might wish to help them change their name back to their maiden name.

Cases where a cohabiting mother and father that are not married, but want to all share the same family name is a very typical example of ordering a deed poll for a gift/present.

So, if either of these situations sounds familiar, why not order a deed poll and help make your friend or family members life happier.

Using a Deed Poll for a joke

An uncommon use for a deed poll, but nonetheless, we still receive applications that the main purpose of ordering was for a joke.

These types of applications usually occur late at night and over the weekend, most likely because friends in groups think it would be funny.

We’ve received some very, what can only be described as ‘obscure’ name change applications, ranging from ‘Happy Long Sunshine’ to longer 70+ character names.

Probably not the best use for a deed poll and potentially not even acceptable, but it’s a reason we’ve seen before.

Using a Deed Poll Upon Divorce

You can actually change your name back to your maiden name without obtaining a deed poll.

You’ll need your marriage certificate and a cover letter, which you’ll need to send to all records holders to have your official documents and records changed back into your maiden name.

You can also obtain a deed poll to revert back to your maiden name, and many people do actually choose this route because it can be a much quicker option.

Sending your marriage certificate in the post to each organisations or company that you need to notify can take a long time, it also runs the risk of losing your marriage certificate.

With a deed poll, you can order 8-10 legal copies to notify all organisations and companies at once, which is a much quicker and safer way of notifying everyone necessary.


Although a deed poll is used with the same purpose (of changing a name), there are many different situations and scenarios where a deed poll can be used.

Whether it’s for a joke, a present/gift, to save money or for a more serious and meaningful reason, you can use a deed poll for multiple reasons.

You can visit our website and order a deed poll from £12.99 – We are provider a quick, easy and seamless service, enabling you to change your name in the UK.

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