The 15 most common reasons people change their name by deed poll

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The 15 most common reasons people change their name by deed poll

Why do people change their name?

In this post, you will find the 15 most common reasons why people want to change their name by deed poll.

The reasons listed below have been acquired through surveying our clients and also taking into account other industry information and polls.

The 15 reasons below, aren’t in a particular order and have been compiled to give you an insight into why people decide to change their name.

Although not one of the fifteen most common reasons we see for people wanting to obtain a deed poll, last year it was reported that 20% of mothers chose the wrong name for their child.

If the parents of these children wish to change their child’s name, they will need to obtain a Child Deed Poll and follow the process of changing a child’s name.

1) Dislike Current / Birth Name

As you grow older you may come to dislike your birth name, which can be for many reasons but most commonly because they are embarrassing or a dislike to the spelling.

2) Changing name upon divorce

Women who have taken their ex-husband’s surname upon marriage that are unable to revert back to their maiden name without a deed poll.

3) Changing name upon marriage

A woman adopting the use of their husband’s surname upon marriage is the most common and traditional choice for most brides.

To do this you can use your marriage certificate to change your name and update official records, you will not require a deed poll.

4) Changing name upon religious conversion

Upon changing or following a faith you may consider changing your name to a more commonly accepted and recognised name within your religion.

5) Transgender name changes

6) Name change to feel more apart of a family, e.g. step family.

7) Name change to restore a previous family name that was changed in the past

8) Name change to make your name more understandable to English speakers.

People often anglicise their name to avoid discrimination, particularly with employment in the UK.

9) To change the spelling of a name you dislike

You are able to change the spelling of any names you have, or add and remove any names you currently have.

10) To change your title

You might want to change your title to Mrs if you are changing your surname to match your partners. Please note that on any applications you will need to make it clear that you are not married and select “single”.

11) Changing your name for a bet

If you Google, “Deed Poll for bets examples” you will find many cases of people who have changed their name for a bet to something they or their friends find funny or amusing.

12) Unmarried mothers, whose children were registered with the father’s surname, wish their children to have their surname following the breakdown of the relationship with the father.

13) People who have fallen out with their families and no longer wish to be associated with the family surname.

14) Entertainers who want to use their stage name

There are a lot of celebrities, actor and musicians who have legally changed their names to reflect stage names.

For example, Miley Cyrus was called at birth “Destiny Hope Cyrus” and has later in life changed her name to Miley Cyrus.

15) People who wish to be called by their nicknames legally

These are the 15 most common reasons we’ve found why people in the UK decide to change their names, it’s not an exhaustive list of every reason.

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