I have lost my Deed Poll (Change of Name Deed)

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I have lost my Deed Poll (Change of Name Deed)

I have lost or misplaced my Deed Poll

If you have lost or misplaced your Deed Poll (Change of Name Deed) then there are a series of steps that you can take in order to receive a replacement for your lost documents.

Contact the company that drafted your Deed Poll

The first step is to check who you obtained your name change documentation from.

If you used one of the many online providers of deed poll documentation, then we’d advise you to contact them as soon as possible and ask what the process is to request a replacement deed poll.

Depending on which company you used to obtain your deed poll and how comprehensive a service you chose to use will depend on how much it’s going to cost you to obtain a replacement.

There will always be a charge to you for any company to supply you with a replacement for your lost deed poll.

However, if you used our service and purchased our digital archive service or indeed any other companies archive / vault service, the cost to receive a replacement may be fairly small.

I can’t remember which company I used

You have changed your name years ago and now suddenly need your deed poll for new documentation or to update records that you failed to do at the time of changing your name.

As there are so many online deed poll providers, a lot with similar names and website designs, it can be very difficult to find out which company you actually used.

We’ve put together some simple but actionable tips to help you locate which company you used to help you  change your name with originally.

To try and find out you should –

  • Search your email for the phrase “Deed Poll” or “Change of name”.
  • Check your personal documents.
  • Ask the person / solicitor or notary public that witnessed (Executed) your deed poll. (They may still have a copy on file for you).
  • Check with your witness who signed your deed poll document at the time of changing your name. (You should always give your witness a copy just incase you do happen to lose or misplace your original deed poll)
  • The last port of call is to contact as many of the organisations and companies that you notified about your change of name, with a self-seal, addressed and stamped return envelope asking them nicely if they would be able to send you a copy of your deed poll.
  • It is likely that they have a copy, but for security / privacy reasons a lot will be unlikely to provide you with it unless you provide several forms of identity.

The Last Resort

The last resort is to go through each of the most popular Deed Poll companies one by one. Simply enter “Deed Poll” or “change my name” into Google or a similar search engine and go through the possibilities.

Please Note: This may actually work out more expensive, depending on call charges than getting a completely new deed poll drafted, but it’s worth a try.

What if I Drafted my Deed Poll myself

If you drafted your deed poll yourself then firstly, congratulations, you’ve saved yourself a decent amount of money and haven’t had to wait for your deed poll documents and copies to arrive.

The downside is that if you haven’t backed up your documents then to obtain a copy of your original deed poll you will have to go through the following steps –

  • Search your email account / accounts to see if you sent any of the copies to either agencies or people you know
  • If you notified your employer, which you should of done, then you could ask them if they still have a copy
  • Ask the person / solicitor or notary public that witnessed (Executed) your Deed Poll if they have a copy.

Order a Replacement Deed Poll (Change of Name Deed)

The easiest way to obtain a replacement deed poll is to use our Replacement Deed Poll service.

One of the main reasons that people get confused about obtaining a replacement deed poll is that they do not need to get a replacement deed poll from the same company that they initially changed their name with (Purchased a deed poll from).

To order a replacement Deed Poll all you need to do is complete our simple and secure online application. The only additional information that we need, compared to a normal deed poll application is the date that you originally changed you name.

This date doesn’t have to be exact, as you can roughly estimate when it was that you originally changed your name by deed poll.

The cost of a Replacement Deed Poll is just £18.99 and includes the following as standard –

  • Professionally drafted replacement (Adult or Child) deed poll
  • Any additional legal copies (if ordered)
  • Guidance documentation (to help you change your name)
  • Step-by-step documentation (to complete the process)

For more information see our Replacement Deed Poll service

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