How much does it cost to change your name by deed poll?

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How much does it cost to change your name by deed poll?

“How much does it cost to change your name by deed poll” is the most frequently asked question we receive over the phone and via email from visitors to our website.

As the cost of changing your name seems to be the biggest query people have before ordering a deed poll online, we thought we would put together a detailed guide on the costs of changing your name.

So, how much does changing your name actually cost in the UK

If you were hoping to find out that there is a simple one fits all answer to this question, i’m afraid that is not the case and it’s more of a ‘how long is a piece of string’ answer.

You may not be aware, but you are able and entitled to create your own deed poll for free, so therefore the cost of obtaining your change of name documentation would be £0.

There are some additional fees that you’ll need to pay when legally changing your name, which are to government organisations such as HM Passport Office and the DVLA.

To legally change your name all organisations and companies that hold records of you will need to be updated with your name change details so that your records can be updated to match your new name.

Currently the fees to update your UK passport are;

  • A standard adult passport renewal costs £72.5
  • A standard child passport renewal costs £46

Like with most other organisations, you can update your name records with the DVLA for free via post.

The different ways you can obtain a change of name deed

Although you are able to draft your own deed poll, you will need to spend hours researching the legal format and wording required for it be accepted.

You will also need to pay for postage, high-quality paper and if you don’t have a printer, then that will cost you to print it elsewhere.

When you couple all hours of learning and the time spent getting the necessary paper to draft your deed poll on it may be worth spending a small amount of money having it drafted and posted to you.

Simply-Deedpolls specialise in providing legal name change documents for a low-cost.

We charge a small fee of £12.99 to professionally draft your name change documentation and post it to you within 1-2 working days.

There are many other online providers of name change documentation and with a simple Google search for “deed poll”, you’ll instantly see many other providers for you to choose from.

These other providers range in costs with some starting at £9.99 and the most expensive being £34 + other small fees for postage and additional extras.

This is why answering the question of how much does it cost to change your name is difficult because the cost can vary depending on how you choose to obtain your deed poll documents.

Here’s an overview of the associated costs of changing your name;

  • Deed poll cost = £12.99 (With Simply Deedpolls)
  • Passport renewal = £72.50
  • Postage to notify all record holders = £10

This above example shows you that using Simply-Deedpolls to change your legal name would cost you £95.49 in total.

When you consider that high-street solicitors tend to charge at least £50+VAT to draft you the same documentation that we’ll provide you with, we believe that our service is great value!

You don’t legally need a solicitor to change your name, but many people still choose to do so as they know that the documents they receive are genuine and will be accepted with all organisations.

Consumers are becoming more savvy and streetwise in their spending on goods and services, which involves more research into finding a better deal, and believe us, there are much better ways to change your name than by using a solicitor.

How to change your name using the deed poll process

Changing your name is a simple 3-step process and as of last year, nearly 90,000 people in the UK used the deed poll process to legally change their name.

There are many reasons why one would choose to change their name, but that is none of our business.

What we care about is the process and people not paying over the odds for a very quick and straightforward process.

Changing your name consist of 3 steps;

  • Obtaining official name change documentation (deed poll)
  • Executing your change of name deed (witnessing & signing)
  • Notifying all companies & organisations that hold records for you.

Following these 3 simple steps in the deed poll process will enable you to change your name and have all official documentation updated to reflect your new name.

It typically takes between 2-8 weeks to change your name, but this depends on certain factors; read our guide on how long it takes to change your name.

Are deed polls you draft any less legal than the more expensive ones?

Any deed poll drafted by Simply-Deedpolls will have the exact same legal effect as any other deed poll that is drafted correctly, whether that is through a solicitor or another deed poll provider.

You will be able to update your driving license, passport and bank cards (and all other official documents) with the deed poll or legal copies that we have drafted and sent to you.

We also provide every client with guaranteed assistance if they happen to run into any problems with changing their name.

This means that if your deed poll gets rejected or questioned, we step in for you and speak directly to the organisation in question until the problem is resolved, which you don’t get anywhere else.

Can I speed up the deed poll process at all?

If, for whatever reason you need to change your name and have all official documentation updated, such as your passport, then you can speed up the process of changing your name.

You can speed up the process of changing your name by purchasing “legal copies” of your original deed poll from whomever you decide to order your deed poll from.

Purchasing additional copies of your original deed poll will mean that the cost of changing your name will increase, possibly by £10-£30, but if speed is important to you, it’s definitely worth it.

If you are looking for detailed information on the length of the deed poll process, you need to read our guide on ‘how long does it take to change your name

Why will purchasing extra copies of my deed poll help speed up the process?

Having additional copies at your disposal will enable you to notify multiple companies and organisations at the same time, opposed to notifying them one-by-one.

We recommend purchasing between 6-10 copies so that you can notify all organisations at the same time and have your name officially changed within two to four weeks generally.


We hope that is article has helped clear up how much changing your name is likely to cost.

If you decide to change your name by drafting your own deed poll, please visit our website for more information as there is lots to consider before deciding to change your name.

If you want assistance in obtaining a deed poll for a low-cost compared to solicitors and many other online providers, you can visit our services here.

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