Do I need to return my deed poll back to you?

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Do I need to return my deed poll back to you?

You do not need to return your deed poll paperwork back to us at any point during the deed poll process.

You should use the guidance documents we supply you with as part of your order to correctly witness and execute your deed poll.

Once you have done this, you should use your new name for everything from that moment on.

To have your official documents such as your passport and driving license updated into your new name, you will need to send them your deed poll with a covering letter attached.

To update your passport there will be a charge, which ranges from £36 – £90+ depending on how quickly you wish to obtain your new passport.

You will need to notify all other record holders, such as banks, phone providers, internet providers, national insurance records etc.

We recommend purchasing between 6-10 additional legal copies of your deed poll so that you can notify all record holders at once so that all records held of you reflect your new name.

If you choose not to order additional copies of your deed poll you can still change your name, but it will take you several weeks longer, possibly months longer to have all records updated.


You can quickly and easily change your name by using our deed poll service from £12.99.

We provide you with all the guidance and support documents you’ll need to change your name by using the deed poll process, which you don’t get at all name change providers.

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