Can I change the Name on my Birth Certificate?

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Can I change the Name on my Birth Certificate?

A Birth certificate is an official legally binding document that records –

  • A Person’s name
  • Date of Birth (D.O.B)
  • Place of Birth
  • Who their Parents / Legal Guardians are

There are primarily two types of Birth Certificates within the United Kingdom

  • Short Version – This contains only the Baby’s Details
  • Extended Version – This contains both the Baby’s details and the Parents Details

The most commonly used version today is the Extended (Long) Version of a Birth Certificate, which needs to be registered within 42 days of the baby’s birth.

So can I change my Name on my Birth Certificate?

Unfortunately the most common answer to this document is No. The law in the United Kingdom classes a Birth Certificate as a Factual Document.

The reasons is that a Birth Certificate is seen as a historic record that shows evidence of facts that were correct at that period of time, it’s almost like asking if you can change the Date that you were born.

This means that in very few circumstances will you be able to change the name on your Birth Certificate.

When you Can Change the Name on your Birth Certificate

In England & Wales

  • A person’s forename(s) can be Changed on their Birth Certificate only if the correct evidence can be shown to prove that the new forename(s) were being used within 12 months that the Birth Certificate was registered. This would be a maximum of 13 months from the date of when the Child was born (Birth Certificates need to be registered within 42 days of the Childs birth).
  • A similar principle applies to the statement above, the only difference being that you can change the name if evidence is given that proves the Childs new name was given in baptism within 12 months form the date that the birth certificate was registered (Maximum of 13 months from the child’s birth)
  • A persons Surname or Surnames can be changed on a Birth Certificate but only when their mother and father both have different Surnames, and can only be changed from one, to the other. Also this can only happen if the persons parents have married since the date that the Birth Certificate was registered.
  • A persons Surname can be changed from their Mothers Surname to their Fathers Surname or vice versa, only if the persons parents were not married at the date of the birth and either the Father or Mother did not attend the registry office on the date the Birth Certificate was registered.

What can I do if I cannot Change my Name on my Birth Certificate?

If none of the above match your circumstances then the next solution is to Change your Name by Deed Poll.

There are many ways that you can Change your name by Deed Poll, these are –

  • Use a Professional Online Drafting Service
  • Draft the Deed Poll and Duplicates yourself
  • Get a Solicitor to Draft and Witness your Deed Poll
  • Get a Notary Public to Draft and Witness your Deed Poll

When should I not Change my Name by Deed Poll?

If you are changing your name for any of the following reasons then there is no need to Apply for or draft your own Deed Poll –

  • Have just got divorced
  • Just married
  • Entering into a Civil Partnership
  • Dissolving a Civil Partnership
  • Adopting a child
  • Spouse or Civil partner has passed away

How do I change my name by Deed Poll (Change of name Deed)?

At Simply Deed Polls we offer a range of Professional Deed Poll drafting services, that all includes the following

  • Hand Drafted (Adult, Child or Replacement) Deed Poll
  • Your Certified Copies (if ordered)
  • Easy to Follow Guide
  • Step by Step Documentation
  • Personalized Cover Letter
  • Guaranteed Acceptance
  • Money back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Amendment’s (Changes)

All of our services start from just £12.99, you can then choose how many Certified copies you require when you fill in our simple and secure online application.

The Deed Poll (Change of Name Deed) services that we currently provide are:

Further information on changing your name;

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